Prof. Dr. Philipp Weller

Field of activity

Instrumental Analytics and Data Science

Curriculum Vitae

Philipp Weller was appointed as full professor at the Institute of Instrumental Analytics and Bioanalytics of the Faculty of Biotechnology at the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences in 2011. Weller and his team focus on the interface between multimodal analytics and machine learning for application in food authentication and quality analysis, as well as monitoring of complex processes such as fermentations with modern gas analysis techniques. Spectroscopic and spectrometric techniques (GC-MS/MS, LC-MS/MS, GC-IMS, IR, NMR, etc.) are used for this purpose. In the Weller group, new data analysis tools are developed which optimally combine multimodal data (data fusion) and new instrumentation techniques and which are developed in cooperation with industrial partners (such as GC-IMS-MS).
Prior to that, Philipp Weller worked in the crop protection division of BASF SE where he was involved in structure elucidation and pattern recognition of crop protection metabolites and process by-products as well as residue analysis. Furthermore, he was responsible for the establishment and management of a specialised anti-counterfeit laboratory for crop protection products worldwide, where he set up stable isotope analytics for the differentiation of active ingredients for the first time at BASF. Here, the focus was set on the combination of spectroscopic and spectrometric techniques in combination with multivariate techniques to detect counterfeit products. Before his actitivity at BASF, he was a group leader at the quality assurance and research laboratory Weiding of Nestlé S.A. with a focus on residue and contaminant analysis of baby food.
Philipp Weller is a food chemist by training and holds a PhD in food chemistry from the University of Hohenheim.



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